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i dont know what to say but, im really thankful that im one of your fans that really really love you so much, ♥ you inspired me a lot! since I got into KPOP ur the one and only IU that I idolized since then, ♥ OMG, if you could go here in the Philippines I will sacrifice all of my saving just to see you and hear you sing live and also to hear your 3 OCTAVE LAUGH LIKE AN AJHUMMA! XD 

saeng-il chukahae unnie, we all U-ANA’s are here for you and we will continue supporting you! :3  

To the ever-beautiful Lee Ji-eun,
To the typical Taeyang of Big Bang fan-girl,
To the young lady who was once a girl,
To the young lady who wowed us when she acted as Kim Pil-sook in Dream High,
To the young lady who is known by her stage name ‘IU’,
To the young lady with a golden voice,

Happy 19th/20th (in korean year) Lee Ji Eun! Kamsahamnida for always making your fans proud and happy. ♥

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